:: Winners and winner projects of the EESA

Group picture of the award winners

Best European Energy Service Provider

RENESCO – Energy Service Company from Latvia won in the category “Best European Energy Service Provider“. RENESCO is the first energy service company in Eastern Europe offering comprehensive renovation of apartment buildings. The company has financed and implemented renovations of seven buildings in Latvia and expects to start approximately ten more in 2012.

Best European Energy Service Promoter

The Greater London Authority (GLA) won the award for “Best European Energy Service Promoter“. GLA is currently a leading and consistent promoter of the benefits of energy conservation and CO2 emission reduction and has set specific and ambitious targets for London. These are to deliver a 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions relative to 1990 levels in London by 2025.

Best Energy Service Project

In the category “Best Energy Service Project” the six jury members awarded the Energy Efficiency Project in Vellinge Municipality, which is located in southern Sweden with 33,000 inhabitants. The project is implemented by SIEMENS, whith guaranteed savings of more than 500 000 EUR/year.

The Town of Hnúšťa, Slovakia also received the award for “Best Energy Service Project” in partnership with INTECH Energo s.r.o. In this project, thanks to the new system of hot industrial water preparation, a new renewable energy source (solar energy) can be used in the municipal heat supply system.

The third winner in the category “Best Energy Service Project” is the Lorac Imtech Effizienz Programm (LIEP) in Germany. The ESCO Imtech Deutschland GmbH, entered into a contract with Lorac S.a.r.l. (Luxemburg) with the aim to improve the energy efficiency of 800 real estates mainly used by DEUTSCHE POST AG. The project is the biggest energy efficiency one in Germany.