:: New LED traffic lights in the city of Graz

adaption of traffic lights to LED (photo: city of Graz)

Energy savings of 339.000 € per year without investment costs for the city of Graz

City of Graz runs 227 traffic light systems. In total some 7,700 traffic light signals for road traffic, public transport or pedestrians are equipped with light bulbs. Energy costs for the operation to the traffic light systems increased at more than 300,000 € per year in 2009. The maintenance of the signals and repair efforts in case of break downs cause high additional costs.  Yearly investments in regular light bulb exchange and in renewal of outdated traffic light systems require considerable financial expenses.  
So the city of Graz decided to change overall traffic lights into LED lights. The project preparation, management and controlling was done by the Department of Road Administration in cooperation with the Graz Energy Agency.  The Thermoprofit-Contracting-Model of the Graz Energy Agency enabled the successful implementation of the project from July 2009 to February 2010. The refinancing of the investment (2.3 Million €) is organized with a 9 year fixed Contracting-rate. Siemens Austria executed all measures of the reconstruction works.

With this successful project following results could be achieved:

  • Total savings of 339,000 €/year (75%)
  • Energy cost reduction of 185,000 € (68%)
  • Reduction of maintenance costs 92,000 € ( 80%), because LED lights have lesser fault liability
  • Annual replacement of 62,000 € is not applicable, lifecycle of LED lights is 10 years
  • Reduction of electricity 1,200 MWh/year
  • CO2 reduction of 460t per year
  • Road safety increased by bright shining signals and raise in fault liability

This innovative project was very successful and is easily assignable to other cities in Europe.

Further information:  www.grazer-ea.at