:: Sehnde reduces energy consumption by 30 percent

•    The first energy saving guarantee contract in a municipality of the State Niedersachsen signed

•    Energy Performance Contracting guarantees 130,000 Euro less energy costs each year

•    Contractual partner WISAG Energiemanagement plans investments amounting to over 900,000 Euro

Sehnde, 9th of March 2010 – New heating boilers with condensing appliance technology, RPM-regulated circulating pumps, energy saving lightning, storey ceiling insulation and the installation of the gas driven combined heat and power unit (CHP) for the efficient generation of electricity and heat. These are just some of the over 60 measures with which the municipality of Sehnde near Hannover wants to reduce its energy consumption in the town hall and in ten other public buildings by 30 percent. In order to reach this goal, the mayor Carl Jürgen Lehrke and Stephan Weinen, CEO of WISAG Energiemanagement GmbH & Co. KG signed a so called energy saving guarantee contract today. As project manager, Berlin Energy Agency (BEA) supported the municipality of Sehnde to prepare and implement the tendering procedures and to prepare the contract.

In the agreement, WISAG Energiemanagement obliges itself to save yearly 130,000 Euro energy costs in the coming 14 years. The private energy supplier invests around 900,000 Euro in the systems engineering equipment and the building, which will be refinanced exclusively from the savings achieved over the whole duration of the contract. Sehnde municipality does not need to make any expenditure and receives a saving share of around 9,000 Euro each year. After the contract has expired, the municipality budget will benefit of the whole savings amount.

On the occasion of contract signing Mayor Carl Jürgen Lehrke said: “The advantages of this innovative model are obvious: the municipality reduces the carbon dioxide emissions with 600 tonnes each year, we unburden our tight budget and we receive professional energy management consulting for free”.
Stephan Weinen, CEO of WISAG Energiemanagement rejoiced over the first Energy Performance Contracting in a municipality of the State Niedersachsen. „We hope that this partnership is a signal for more Public-Private-Partnerships in the field of innovative and environmentally friendly building management“, said Weinen.

Berlin Energy Agency designed the energy performance contract taking as a model the "Berlin Energy Savings Partnerships". In the federal capital, private energy service providers implemented efficiency measures in now around 1,300 public buildings since the middle of the 1990s. In Niedersachsen, first projects have already been carried out, for example for the administrative district Lüchow-Dannenberg and the State Theatre Hannover GmbH. BEA significantly developed the model and developed guidelines for the implementation in Germany and abroad accordingly. In the experts’ estimation, around 20,000 public estates throughout Germany could be energetically modernised using Energy Performance Contracting. In this way, the public authorities could save around 210 millions Euro each year.

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