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The European Energy Service Initiative (EESI) has broadly promoted the implementation of Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), thus contributing strongly to the establishment of effective energy service markets in Europe. EESI made use of existing standards and tools for EPC and other energy services, which had been developed and have been successfully tested in earlier European projects such as ClearContract and Eurocontract.

Local and regional capacity-building has been achieved through national online-help desks, frequent training events for local authorities, companies, and multipliers, as well as consultancy for applying and advancing EPC-standard procedures and instruments in concrete pilot projects. The promotional campaign implieed the integration of EPC issues in national trade fairs and the high-profile annual awarding events of the “European Energy Service Award”.

EESI made a strong contribution to the further establishment and implementation of standardised EPC models in Europe. This underlined the potential of EPC as a prime instrument for the implementation of the Energy Service Directive, for the respective National Energy Efficiency Action Plans and for the further development of a European Energy Service Market.

Key Actors

In accordance to the schedule of EESI, the key actors of the initiative are differentiated into three groups. The first group is composed of ESCOs, Energy Agencies, and Financial Institutions which are indispensable for an effective implementation of EPC projects.

The second group of key actors are policy-makers on national and European policy level who will be addressed with regard to the policy recommendations derived from the national activities.

With regard to a wider dissemination and promotion of the project results the third group of key actors are possible multipliers such as Environmental and Climate Networks, National ESCO Associations, Energy Agencies, and Energy Consultants.