:: Success story 1: “Impact of the development of pilot project”

One of the most important and visible outcomes of the project was the initiation of 30 pilot projects in the partner countries and its CO2 reduction. With these projects, EESI reduced more than four fold its CO2 saving target from 12000 t CO2/y to more than 45 000 t CO2/y.

The pilot projects comprise different kind of buildings including schools, hospitals, universities and some historical buildings. The duration of the contract varies among the projects between 2 and 15 years and the guaranteed savings between 10 and 58 %. The EPC advanced models were also used in some projects. As an example, the EPC light model was applied for the first time during the project.

The most important contribution of the pilot projects is that more and more local authorities and key actors are aware of the advantages of EPC. With these projects EPC is visible, tangible and explainable, increasing the interest of further development.