The EU project EUROCONTRACT was a precursor project of EESI. From 2005 - 2007 EUROCONTRACT served as a platform and a network to exchange on current issues around Energy Performance Contracting.

EUROCONTRACT offered best practice examples, model contracts and country specific information for many European countries.

In this section you will find relevant documents of the EUROCONTRACT project.


Energy Performance Contracting, the essentials…

There are a number of essential issues on which this section seeks to provide you with an overviw of recent, up-to-date and comprehensive set of information on Energy Performance Contracing.

You can find help-files, discussion papers, links and other relevant material.

:: Key principles

The principles behind the approach for EPC presented here and proposed as the base from which to develop national adaptation for developing and implementing Energy Performance Contracting projects are…

  • Systematic realisation of savings potential in the entire building
  • Public tender for competition of best ideas and best price
  • Payment of the contractor performance based, it depends on success achieving the guaranteed savings
  • Use of standardised (tested) documents and calculation approaches
  • Independent competent process management