:: Public Tender

The requirement to carry out public tenders to implement EPC usually concerns public oganizations. However, some essential parts may be used to obtain the best bid (e.g. bid evaluation, demand definition, etc.) also for private customers.

Based on the acquired experience, it is recommended that the invitation for tenders for public contracts takes place in the form of a negotiated procedure with disclosure. This method allows the contracting authority to discuss with the best tenderers the final terms of the proposed contractual relationship even after the bid submission and to select the future ESCO solely on the basis of these negotiations. Prequalification of eligble tenderes is recommended since EPC is a complex energy service that needs experience for implementation on both sides, client and ESCO.

With respect to the duration of the EPC contract, it is always helpful to have the decision on the future manner of the utilisation of the building or premises accepted by the owner who is authorised to approve future commitments of the client. Public clients with less experience in EPC may use the help of experienced organisations such as energy agencies or consulting companies for project development and tender management.


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